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Blood Will Tell

A book is a dream you hold in your hands…

Neil Gaiman wrote those words. I find them beautiful and very apt. He also wrote “Then he grinned, like a fox eating shit from a barbed wire fence” which I also find beautiful but for entirely different reasons.

Writing a novel has long been one of my dreams. When I was seven, I wrote a book called ‘Zara’ about a girl who ran away from home and had a crazy adventure with a parrot called ‘Cookapetal’. I’ve written poetry (badly) and press releases (adequately) but I didn’t think I had ‘what it took’ to write a full length novel.

So instead, I set out to tell a story - just to myself - a story that I wanted to read, but one that hadn’t been written yet. The words started flowing and the pages filled up.

Then I started thinking, which as everyone knows is a dangerous habit. I wondered about what I needed to do to get my story published. I read about agents, and publishers, both ‘traditional’ and independent. I learnt that only one in every four thousand writers actually bags themselves an agent and that fewer than one in ten thousand novels get published. I looked at crowdfunding models; one platform for example, tasks authors with raising as much as £10,000 before offering them a publishing deal.

I was daunted. I balked at the obstacles. Then I gave myself a stern talking to.

I discovered www.reedsy.com and found not one, but two editors, to help me bash my story into shape and I started to share what I’d written with critique partners. Lo! People liked what I’d written! They asked to read more!

I may still try to get an agent, and I may still try to get a publishing deal, but in the meantime I want to get Blood Will Tell directly into the hands of readers. I’d love it if you helped by pre-ordering a copy (every sale will help place it higher in the bestseller lists). And I have a selection of small, ‘thank you’ gifts for the first fifty people who pre-order a signed copy. You are, after all, helping my dream come true.



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