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Blood Will Tell

The nature of inspiration

Inspiration is a funny beast. It sort of crept up on me over several months until I woke up one morning fully in its grip. The characters I’d dreamt up were so real they were chattering in my head demanding I get their story down on paper.

In its original incarnation, Blood Will Tell was an exploration of how and why a woman falls in love with a man who is completely wrong for her - and stays with him past the point when his unsuitability has become apparent. It allowed me to examine and test assumptions about love and the insidious nature of coercive control. I was an experience I found both useful and interesting.

However, the story itself wasn’t interesting. It lacked drama; the stakes were too low; it was ‘pedestrian’.

Maybe if I hadn’t been stuck in a traffic jam in the searing summer heat on the Slovenian - Croatian border last year, then the idea of adding some werewolves might not have occurred to me. But it did. And so I thought it would be fun to see what would happen when a rational, level-headed scientist is confronted with evidence of the unexplainable

So now I have a protagonist, Cassie Clayton, fighting on two fronts; the first is her heart - can she truly trust the man she loves? The second is her head - can she believe the evidence, which her scientific training tells hers is impossible? Can she resolve these issues without losing her own sense of identity?

The thing I love most about fiction writing is the ‘what ifs’ are only as limited as your imagination. At each turn, I devised new, more tortuous twists for Cassie to navigate, more complex puzzles for her to solve.

The twin pillars of inspiration and imagination were the foundations which helped me construct Cassie’s story. Each I got off course, I returned to them and rebuilt the scene or chapter with which I was struggling. I used lots of tools to help me build Cassie’s world, and my Pinterest board was one of them. I pinned lots of images of places and elements which appear in the story, and you can view it here: https://uk.pinterest.com/kitcheramy/blood-will-tell/

What tools do you use to inspire your imagination?



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